Farewell Course 【Premium Plan !! Selected Oysters & Exquisite Steaks !! 2, 5h drinking and attaching 4500 yen】

Farewell Course 【Premium Plan !! Selected Oysters & Exquisite Steaks !! 2, 5h drinking and attaching 4500 yen】

By using a coupon4500 yen

The price is without tax.

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All-you-can-drink available

Wheat, wine, cocktail, barrel sparkling wine and others 2, 5 h all-you-can-drink

Beer will be Suntory gold wheat.(You can change the premium molts at +300.) All-you-can-drink sake for sake or carefully selected oysters suitable for women! All you can drink cocktail for women! "Delicious raw oysters" "Steamed oysters with prepplitte" "Oregano steak in volume" also included in the lineup that also included, We prepared.It will be 4500 yen when using coupons !! ※ Note coupon price is tax-free.

Course menu

☆ Three kinds of appetizers

(Edamame, Oden, Anna liver ponzu etc.)

☆ Selected raw oysters

Steamed oyster of exquisite ☆

☆ Today's salad

☆ Shrimp and whole ahijo of mushrooms

☆ Bucket

☆ Volume meat dish "Oregano Beef Steak 400 g" (It is 400 g with 4 people.)

☆ Today's pasta (cream pasta etc. of bacon and spinach)

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
· Suntory will be barley.You can change to premium malts at +300 yen.
· Cassis Orange / Cassis Grapefruit / Cassis Oolong / Lychee Orange / Lychee Grapefruit / Lychee Oolong and more than 30 kinds are available.
· Tarusei sparkling wine
· Italian barrel sparkling wine
· Oolong Hi / Shochu water split / Grapefruit high / Orange high
· We have two types of sake that match oysters.
· France House wine red white
· Tris Highball, Ginger Highball
·Soft drink
Orange juice / grapefruit juice / oolong tea
· There are other than the above.
Peach cocktails and other cocktails are also available.We can respond if you have any request in advance.

Coupon that can be used

  • 【Seasonal! Exquisite Oyster & Bar Banquet Course 4500 yen】 ※ Drinking with 2, 5h

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use

      Combined use of other tickets / services, no card use

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of March 2018

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